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Our Offers

01Regular tests

We will perform all the tests to determine the health of your pet and give you possible details or specifics. The goal is to get a complete picture and to act accordingly. These test include.


All vaccines your pet needs when young, small or adult can be performed in our facility by true experts. All animals need and must get vaccines at specific time frames. It is essential that you understand this and protect your pet as quickly as you can. These include


We can also help you with the surgeries your pet needs as a result of an accident, diseases or any condition. This happens and you must be prepared when it does happen to you pet. We are here for you.


If you want to neuter your dog in order to prevent unwanted cubs, we can help you with that as well. This takes one hour depending on the animal and it is 100% safe and can be done when we agree.

If you have emergency, call us

Monday-Friday (10:00-6:00)
Weekends: (10:00-3:00)